Sunday, October 09, 2005

ALCS Rotation is Set

According to ChicagoSports.com (actually, the Associated Press), the Sox have set their rotation for the ALCS:

(1) Jose Contreras (at home)
(2) Mark Buehrle (at home)
(3) Jon Garland (on road)
(4) Freddy Garcia (on road)

Which, of course means that it would be:

(5) Contreras (on road)
(6) Buehrle (at home)
(7) Garland (at home)

Ozzie's ostensible reasoning for putting Garland back to the 3 spot rather than the 4 spot is that he "didn't want to screw up three guys." It's not clear to me, however, why Garland is the man he wanted on the mound on Game 7. If Garland is going to pitch two games in the series, 3 and 7 would not be my pick for him - I think he'd be better in the 1/5 slot, especially since whoever wins the Yankees/Angels series will not have their rotation set up well if it goes to 5 games.

Of course, the goal is not to have to play 7 games, but to win it in 4...or even 5 if you must.

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