Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another Kiss of Death

The MLB.com analyst picks the White Sox to win in 5 games. Ugh. Enough with the jinxes.

Meanwhile, no new news on Colon. Of course, since he wouldn't be able to pitch until Game 4 anyway, there's nothing really pressing about that. In addition, Ervin Santana gave the Sox enough fits in the one start he had against them this year that they won't have to worry much about Colon. But at least the Sox will only have to see Colon/Santana one time.

I have not seen anything on Washburn, either. If Washburn isn't ready to go for Game 2, I'm not sure at all who the Angels' starter would be. I guess it's theoretically possible that Lackey could go on two days' rest, but that is highly doubtful given that he just pitched on three days' rest. Kelvim Escobar started 7 games this year, but was worked pretty hard on Sunday and Monday. Perhaps the mostly likely starter is Kevin Gregg, who pitched in with two starts in April (1-1, 9+ ERA - he pitched OK once and was shelled once early in the season), and is likely rested, but he cannot be Scioscia's ideal starter. The Sox, of course, have Game 1 to worry about.

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