Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Blogosphere's #2 #3 Best White Sox Blog

Some site called Deadspin has named Black Betsy the #2 Best White Sox Blog. Whatever Deadspin is, they describe the White Sox blogosphere as "needing to step up." The Cheat's Blog is the only one considered "outstanding" and the rest are "interchangeable and somewhat sporadically updated." Ouch, that hurts. Hey, I did switch jobs and get married and all. Give a blogger a two month break!

Well, it's not the first time someone has referred to my writing as #2.

EDIT: Oh, Man, I just got bumped down to # 3 by Exile in Wrigleyville. I feel like the Minnesota Twins. Didn't those folks at Deadspin read my delightful posts on "What if Babe Ruth was Traded To the White Sox"? Or my highly acclaimed post about Hawk Harrelson's GM tenure?

Since both the Cheat and Vince are actually paid to write their blogs (they are part of Kos's network and allbaseball, respectively), I guess I can say "Black Betsy is the best non-commercial White Sox blog, as rated by Deadspin.com."

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this will always be the #1 sox blog in my heart (when you update, at least)...:)
I must be one of the interchangeable bloggers. I guess all that traffic I get is just spammers.....
What are you complaining about, I got bumped off completely.
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