Thursday, October 27, 2005

Flags Fly Forever

It ended like it started. A 1-0 victory, with pitching and defense the stars of the game. The 2005 White Sox are World Champions.

I don't quite know what to say. Jermaine Dye won the MVP, but it could be equally split 25 different ways. Everyone on the roster, and I mean EVERYONE of the White Sox contributed this postseason. Four different players - Crede, Podsednik, Blum, and Dye had game winning hits in the World Series. And that doesn't even count the fact that Iguchi and Konerko won the ALDS, or that Pierzynski simply kept the team going at every point.

I love this team. I love them for giving me the joy - the bliss! - of a World Championship. I love them for coming out of nowhere, picked 3rd or even 4th(!) in the division before the season began, like the
1990 White Sox team I loved so much. They played their guts out. They won games they had no business winning. I love them for erasing so many demons of years past; falling short in 2003, not showing up for the playoffs in 2000, folding in 1996, not ever having a chance in 1994, not putting it together in 1993, losing to a dynasty in 1990, and crumbling in 1983. For healing my too often broken heart.

You inherit the White Sox. They aren't a bandwagon you jump on early in your life while times are riding high. You go to games when you are 9 years old and find your identity with a team. You cry when they lose; you dance when they win. You learn the history of the team. You are amazed at Eddie Collins' career, Ted Lyons' wins, Luke Appling's hits, and Luis Aparicio's defense. You learn about the pennant races lost, the players traded, and how the Sox always came up short. You play out the 1959 World Series again and again in your mind, trying to change the result. Now that history is washed away by four games in October.

I love this team because they were White Sox. Not too many folks fly the flag proudly, but this team did. Their manager was a White Sox. The general manager was a White Sox. The bench coach, the hitting coach, the third base coach and the first base coach are all White Sox. The term "Sox Pride," virtually invented in 2004, meant something to these coaches. Now, "Sox Pride" means everything. We are World Champions.

The 2005 World Champion flag will fly forever over U.S. Cellular. It will also fly forever in my heart.

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