Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Chairman Says Payroll to Increase

Thanks to K-Clax on the White Sox e-mail list for pointing this tidbit out. During the presentation of a 400-lb Eli cheesecake to the Chairman and Ozzie Guillen yesterday, Jerry Reinsdorf apparently signalled that the Sox would materially increase the team payroll next year. The relevant paraphrase was:

While White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf declined to discuss negotiations with specific players, such as slugging first baseman Paul Konerko, he did say the team payroll would be significantly higher than the $73 million it totaled this year.

"Significantly higher" is an awfully big fudge factor - after all, to me, $1 million is a significant figure - but I'd estimate we are talking about a $10 million or so increase. For information about how the Sox already have committed their money in 2006, click on this link to the Hardball Dollars site. It's the best I found to show how payrolls are structured. The Sox have about $43 million committed in 2006 already.

But the Chairman also made the best point of all.

"We're going to enjoy it over the winter,” he said.

Amen. Enjoy it Sox fans, enjoy it. Your World Champion Chicago White Sox.

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In the past, Chris, the White Sox have raised payroll significantly right after a division title -- 11% in 1994, over 100% in 2001. A World Series is hard to gauge, since the last time it was with the Old Roman and not the same game. I bet the increase is $15MM.
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