Friday, April 07, 2006

A Little Housecleaning

Thanks to Da Chort for his kind words on his review of Sox blogs. Note on ERV scoring - it's not like Win Probability Scoring inasmuch as it only accounts for the expected runs produced given a certain base situation and outs. It does not consider the game score. DM's WV scoring at Nats Blog does that. To be quite honest, I've never understood DM's system.

The Cheat does a good job with his Sox blog - he's a good writer and does a very good job with both the major and minor leagues for the Sox. He did everyone a nice service by
posting about the Sox minor league openers yesterday. And I agree with him - drafting Donn Lucy over Kurt Suzuki was a mind-boggling blunder. The Sox's 2004 draft was a real clunker, in my opinion.

I've cleaned up my link section a little bit. Gone is 35th Street Mess, which used to have humorous content from Kevin Dever, but he doesn't update anymore, and when he does, it's all his bizarre satire involving Roger Bossard. I don't know what the history between him, Bossard, and Brian Crawford is, but the joke is old, whatever it is.

In its place, I've inserted a link to
Johnny Mostil's Razor. Doug has not updated his blog since January 1, but he's the best mind out there when it comes to analyzing the White Sox. He's the fountain of about 90% of the wisdom on the White Sox e-mail list, and when he does post, it's worth reading. Half of the reason I'm putting the link up is that it will remind me to check his blog every now and then to see new content. Doug's a genius.

I've also added Jack Keefe. It's White Sox related, and makes me laugh out loud. Thanks to the Cheat for the introduction.

Every once in a while I get an e-mail asking for links to a blog. Here's my policy, once and for all - I link to your blog if I read your blog and I like it. I'm not looking for cross-links; I don't care if anyone reads this blog or not. I've made all of about $4 in AdSense revenues on this blog - traffic is not my motivation. Good Sox content is. So if I link to your blog, it's because
I like you, I really really like you.

Also, I'll re-start the 10-game segment log this year after 10 games. Until then, the 10-game segment log on the side bar is from 2005. As you remember, the Sox got out to a flaming hot start last year - 23-7 after the first 3 10-game segments. I'll track this year against 2005.

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