Thursday, April 06, 2006

Paulie's Triple Negative

I really can't help myself from pointing out Paul Konerko's delicately worded triple negative in response to yesterday's game:

"Let's put it this way," Konerko said, choosing his words carefully. "We're not going to be disappointed that we don't have to do that stuff next homestand."

This immediately becomes my second favorite triple negative of all time (I'd tell you the first, but it would reveal my secret identity).

Speaking of negatives, Paul Konerko has generated negative -4.42 expected runs so far this year. In other words, an average batter would have generated between 4 and 5 more runs than Paulie has given the runners on base he has had in the three games this season. Not so good. Thome has mostly canceled Konerko out, generating 4.06 more runs than expected.


Will Carroll on Freddy Garcia:

Several readers pointed out that Freddy Garcia was significantly off his normal velocities in his first start this week. Dave Kaplan at WGN told me that Garcia reported that he “couldn’t get loose or break a sweat” for the game. Garcia’s mechanics have always been a bit worrisome, though his numbers have looked solid regardless. It’s something that could be as simple as the weather and the early season, but it could be an indication of something more problematic. Any injury would mean that the depth the Sox have in their pitching would go from luxury to necessity.

Dave Studeman notes how well the Sox did in close games last year, and the bullpen's role in those close games. Not a shocker - the Sox did well, and the bullpen helped out.

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