Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sox 4, Detroit 3

Again, a win is a win. The Sox got their best start of the season from Jose Contreras, who gave up just six hits and one run over eight innings while walking just one and striking out only one. He really only made two mistakes, a pitch to Guillen that went for a triple in the right-center gap, and a gopher ball to Craig Monroe.

Jenks' two-run ninth was troubling. He seemed to have very little control of his fastball - although a heavy rain was falling - and he seemed bothered after giving up a leadoff easy pop out double misplayed by Anderson. Most disturbingly, he took a little off a 2-2 fastball to Shelton to get it over the plate (trying to avoid a 3-2 count), and Shelton crushed the 91-mph cookie. Jenks has to have confidence in his fastball to throw it hard on any count. Just about every major league hitter is going to be able to crush a 91 straight ball. Plus, Shelton is hot right now and there's no big deal in walking him to face Omar Infante.

Offensively, it's just another day, another home run from Jim Thome. He's been ridiculous this season, putting up a positive 8.84 ERV in 8 games, with a positive in each game. Still only two strikeouts for Jim. He's seeing the ball well.

Brian Anderson needs a clue at the plate. I mean they walked Juan Uribe with two outs to get to Anderson. That's a statement.

Here's your ERV boxscore / scoresheet:

Batter 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th B/R Total
Pods 0.62 -0.11 -0.24 -0.24 -0.14


Iguchi -0.45 -0.24 0.27 -0.17


Thome -0.31 1.00 0.87 -0.11


Konerko -0.24 -0.17 1.13 0.38


Dye -0.24 0.13 0.37 -0.35


AJ -0.17 -0.24 -0.42 -0.55


Crede -0.11 -0.24 0.08 -0.24


Uribe -0.24 -0.17 0.14 -0.17


Anderson -0.17 -0.11 -0.75 -0.11




Pitcher ERV






Team ERV: 1.03 (Guillen error)

[Note: Podsednik's -.14 baserunning is for trying to go from 2nd to 3rd on Iguchi's grounder to short in the first. Bad times. That gaffe cost Pods a positive ERV game].

Player of the Game: Jim Thome

Pitcher of the Game: Jose Contreras

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