Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sox 3, Minnesota 0?

Jim on the Sox list may have phrased it best: Who was that on the mound for the White Sox Saturday, and what has he done with Javier Vazquez? Some of my reactions to Javier Vazquez over the years:


Vazquez just sucks. He pitches to lose. He is more afraid of hitters than
any starter I've ever seen. He is simply petrified of throwing the ball
over the plate or inside. And every mistake he makes is hit hard because
hitters are so comfortable against him.


Don Cooper doesn't look so amazing right now. Buehrle is leaving his
pitches in hittable places, Vazquez looks terrified of hitters, Garland
looks like Judy again, and only Contreras is doing well on the bump. And
never mind the bullpen.


I don't know what it is, [Vazquez] is just a loser. He loses. That's what he

It's amazing that the Sox are so good they've bailed him out so many times.

Let's ride him out of town on a rail.


No one will take that guldarn loser Vazquez, and that's while they'll move

[Hey, I was right on that one!]


[Freddy Garcia] may be a lump sometimes, but he pitches well enough to win, unlike that
POS Vazquez who seems to pitch well enough to lose.


Dunno, Ward. Vazquez is such a [expletive] loser - and I'm not one prone to
profanity - that I just can't stand his self-pitying performances. Anything
goes wrong - a borderline pitch is called a ball, and he implodes. He goes
on tilt at a moment's notice and only seems to pitch well when the
pressure's off.

* * *

In other news, John Danks is not nervous about his major league debut today against the Twins and Johan Santana. Two thoughts: (1) you should be very nervous; or (2) you are not nervous because you've accepted the fact that you are going to lose your very first career start against a likely Hall of Famer. Not really much of an option for young John Danks.


Finally, has Scott Podsednik generated enough trade value yet?

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