Monday, June 07, 2004

Sox Looking At Okha?

In his most recent Notebook, Peter Gammons says that the White Sox are interested in acquiring, among others, Tomo Okha:
So Ken Williams continues to walk the floor for another starter. Williams, like Brian Cashman, Theo Epstein and others, was told by Mariners GM Bill Bavasi that he wants to wait a couple of more weeks before he starts taking bids on Freddy Garcia. Williams has talked to the Expos about Tomo Ohka, as have the Yankees. 'Unfortunately I'm not very patient,' says Williams.

No inside information here, but I noted a week ago that Okha would be a very nice fit for the Sox, especially given his $2.3 million salary. I like Okha, he's pitched well in every stop. He fits nicely into the 3/4 slot in the rotation, bumping Shoeneweis to the 5th start spot he so richly deserves.

Congrats to Kenny W. for looking at the right names. And the Sox undoubtedly have more to offer to the Expos than the Yankees, with their ultra-depleted farm system.

P.S. Gammons also notes that Kenny said that Borchard is untradeable, which I take a public posturing (especially because Kenny is directly quoted) to drive up Borchard's price. Note the citation to key Borchard statistics recently. Nice work on the media, KW!

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