Thursday, July 22, 2004

Carlos Lee's Walk Rate

Here I am, continuing my fascination with Carlos Lee's walk rate.  As I've previously written, El Caballo's batting eye has, how shall we say, fluctuated over the last few years:


So Carlos's walk rate is not quite at its 2002 level, but it's still about 50% higher than his career rate. More importantly, Carlos seems to have put together (thus far) patience and a high average - he's hitting .304 right now. With his increase walk rate, he's up to a very nice .372 OBP - ten points higher than his previous best. Add that to a career-best .516 slugging percentage (the home runs are finally coming around), and Carlos is having his best season. He may even be worth the $6 million salary the Sox are paying him. He's even 3rd in the AL among LF in terms of VORP - neck and neck with Lew Ford (still well behind Manny Ramirez). In fact, his VORP is higher than the leftfielder on the other side of town - Moises Alou (of the .339 OBP Alou's).

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